The social game where the only way to win is not to play

Keep it in your pants

Tired of social gatherings being ruined by drooling technophiles (AKA: Digital Douchebags™) who’d rather play with their devices than interact with others? So are we.

No more Digital Douchebags

MOB is the only app designed to help people not use their mobile device. It’s perfect for business people, families, couples, and any group experiencing the negative effects of Digital Douchery.

Make social time social again

Start a MOB / Join a MOB Invite as many people as there are in your group. Sync with the MOB app and you’re ready to go.

Decide on a penalty The group comes up with a penalty before the game begins. Pay the bar tab, do chores, sing a song. Get creative.

Put the damn phone down On the table, in your pants, it doesn’t matter. But the first person who interacts with their phone loses.

There’s an awesome world out there And it’s not made of pixels


Relearn the social graces that are essential to human interaction. It’ll make your Mom proud!


Rekindle your love for people (IRL) and rediscover the simple things—like living in the moment.


Give that shiny mobile device a reason to exist without making a douchebag of yourself.